pondělí 26. září 2011

First meeting with our client

Today was one of the most important days of our assignment. We met our client Isha Vidhya representatives who shared with us their vision about what they want to get delivered from us. Isha Vidhya is part of  Isha Foundation - the organization promoting yoga. Isha Vidhya is NGO providing education to rural children. And our task should be architectural design ensuring teachers are trained remotely to save cost on logistic and also with expansion of schools the amount of teachers is growing in the way that it's going impossible to coordinate it. Session was very inspiring - many ideas were put onto the table from which we did 6 areas. Under circumstance that in our statement of work we have just 1 we will put the others as second priority.

Tomorrow we will visit those schools in order to better understand whole concept.
As the today's meeting went well we went to good restaurant serving fish food:
Some of us will remember this dinner for quite long time like Ben on the picture :-)
Weather condition is still ok - not to warm.

Photos of my colleague Mercedes here

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