úterý 20. září 2011

How I got in?

Recently it's quite common for me to explain people how I got in CSC program. Initially my response was - read IBM newspapers. In my case is was link.me, now called Delivery Centre CE.me, where I found information about CSC program which was sent out during February 2010, this was my first time when I applied. That time I wasn't selected and my time came this year - 2011.

To make it simple - check CSC home page where are stated conditions about who can apply,  very useful FAQ, info about application process etc. I'd recommend to think in advance about individual strengths, weaknesses, what you can offer to CSC, situations when you faced difficulties and how you resolved and also who will cover your 1 month absence. Additionally there is 1 month pre-work to prepare everybody to certain level of culture awareness, work in the team, info about destination - market, IBM activities there etc. There should be also 1 month post-work which I will describe once I went through it.

Today we will have our last pre-work telco and I can say there are already many good signals of remote team cooperation. For sure it will strengthen once we meet face-to-face, so let's see :-)

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