středa 14. září 2011

Two weeks to go and new challenges coming

Until 5pm last night my CSC mission had been going according initial plan - we were working on our SOW about e-gov, brainstorming questions, studying various materials. All in the sudden we got mail from CDS about change of our partner due to elections in Coimbatore.

A bit shock in the beginning but understanding the reason behind, knowing CDC did what was required and on the other side on top of my current knowledge about e-gov (initial project) I’m going to study e-learning topic :-) Maybe coincidence ‘cause this was topic for my bachelor thesis several years ago so it should be such big problem to recap all details and gain background.

From logistic perspective everything is ready - air tickets, transport to airport, hotel, insurance, visa etc so I can fully concentrate on the new SOW.

CSC aggregate is till not gathering my posts so I need to check what has to be done.

#ibmcsc india team 12

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