sobota 24. září 2011

My travel and warm welcome

After 2,5 hours in the bus, 8 hours in the airplane and 20 minutes in the car I've reached the hotel in Mumbai where part of my team surprised me (and Sverre who joined me in Vienna) by warm welcome in lobby - even it was 11pm local time. We tasted a bit of local food and went to sleep around 1am.

The first impressions are fine as everything is like supposed to be according our preparation sessions (part of CSC program). Yeah humidity is a bit higher, cars are using horns more than in my country (at least this pushed me to woke up before my alarm started:) and different time zone (+3,5h) but due to my morning flight I could sleep like a baby. So overall it's good.We will leave current hotel in 1 hour to airport for flight to Coimbatore where I plan to post more stuff.

Some pictures from travel:
Novomlynska nadrz

#ibmcsc India 12

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