středa 28. září 2011

Amazing day in Isha school and Yoga Centre

Tuesday Oct 27th was the first day we had opportunity to visit Isha Vidhya school - our partner's location. We knew it will be emotional and it really was.
But before we went there we had to go through Coimbatore city where we faces little traffic jam:

Our the route there are also nice temples of various colors:

Just when we entered the school we got very nice introduction of principal (on right), teachers and kids:

After briefing in principal offices we started tour visit by under-kindergarden class - kids in age of +3,5y:

Some of us had chance to dance a bit with the kids:

Just before the lunch there is yoga session:

After all kids gathered and have nice surprised for Amanda who had birthday. She got bouquet of flowers:

After that we had lunch - the same meal for everyone:

And the meal was good:

After that we had unique chance to visit Yoga center where we also took part in traditional meditation procedure.

Wednesday we work whole day in hotel on statement of work and we also started  some pre-analyses. On Thursday we go again to Isha school to perform interviews as part of data gathering and also we will observe workshop for teachers.

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