neděle 2. října 2011

Trip to Topslip

Even our assignment consists of 29 days, we have 3 weekends which all of us plan to use on max. First weekend we spend by acclimatization and local area discovery. For second weekend we wanted to have something big so we called  our logistic focal point - Professor Alagasar with whom we organized trip to are of wild animals - TopSlip. It was great trip - we've seen lot of animals like wide elephants, black bears, monkeys, alligator etc. Many pictures were taken by all participants. Here are just few of them.

On the way visited local temple...

As tradition in India - river maybe used in many ways:)
 After 2 hours we reached wild animal park:
Some animals haven't been seen this year
Unfortunately elephant ride was sold out

Local school for kids of families working in the park


Park itself is very large

7 of 10 our team members and professor Alagasar

Biggest teak around, more info on next photo

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