neděle 9. října 2011

6th - 9th - Yoga Center

Our client Isha Vidhya, under organization Isha Fundation, recommended us to go through Inner Engineering program to better understand what is behind  Isha Fundation.

The program consisted for 3,5 days activities like massage, hiking, swimming in water falls, ball games and mainly intensive yoga practice and theoretical introduction to yoga science. The program was facilitated by volunteers who provided excellent support in all aspects. - simply "willing to do" and "have to do" is different :-) Even we had even drum alarm at 5am in the morning it was interesting experience and where else to learn yoga than in India? :-) During all days we could also experience kind of distance learning which we plan to recommend as one scenario for our partner. So it was beneficial to come her.

During all days we had no internet access so it was also challenging for all of us - IT people :)

As seen many times, motorbike is family vehicle here:)

And lot of things can be loaded there

Our accommodation place
Local farm



Butterflies are big here:)

Lunch time

Exciting dinner surrounded by candle lights

Nice surprise by facilitators - hot water for our legs
#ibmcsc India 12

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