úterý 4. října 2011

Each day we have some surprise

 So far, we face at least 1 kind of surprise each day. Either we find new info about our client, we taste new food or learn new local habit. More and more I'm meeting strong Czech footprint - every day I can see few Skoda cars, Bata shops etc. And for my surprise also in the down town.

Bollywood movies are everywhere

Motobike is used more than car

Small temple in the street

Why not?:)

Bata shoes are very popular, just in Coimbatore there are several Bata shops

We checked one of the biggest shopping centers

Customer care is visible here

Would like to have party dress?:)

Afternoons bring amazing heaven

Dinner with whole team

A bit of everything - this was non veg food

#ibmcsc India 12

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