pondělí 17. října 2011

Trip to Salem

Our Sundays' last minute trip overcame all our expectations. Even the travel took 4 hours instead of 2 by using taxi (as stated by hotel manager) we enjoyed it very much.

We start the trip in the top of hill by lunch. It was totally quiet place. When waiter opened the window of restaurant the clouds were entering towards hour heads what even more exceed our relaxing mood. The fresh air made us smiling and enjoying each single minute.


One couldn't believe what animals live here :)

After this relation session we moved to coffee plantation. At least this was the plan. Then we understood it's not possible due to restrictions. So we just stopped in one place where was path going inside one of the coffee plantation. Suddenly Mercedes started to run due to dog behind her. It appeared that dog was followed by owners and in few seconds we could see whole family wondering what we are doing there :-) We were lucky cause they invited us to their house. On the way there we could see big garden with lot of coffee plants, small spider farm (biggest spiders I've even seen in nature) and their house which was very clean and colorful. We got cap of their coffee and even I don't drink coffee I really like it - very soft aroma and deep taste, just enough sweet, simply great. The hospitality of  whole family was amazing, especially when male part of family came at the end and stated to joke about us. It was fun and nice end of their visit.

Coffee seeds

Life in the street

On the way back we stopped for a few secs to take pictures of monkeys sitting along the way, waiting for the food. Also we've seen many amazing hills, rice fields and unusual vehicles. ibmcsc

We met many interesting vehicles 
 I could say it was one of the best days here (maybe the best one), also the taxi driver was fine guy who explained us many things during the way. At end the I need to say - Thank you Mercedes for organizing such fantastic trip! :-)

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