úterý 18. října 2011

Final presentation to our client

Today, on Tuesday 18th, 2011 we held final meeting with our client which was in Isha HR office. It's nice building, we like it and meeting room there even more :-)

Presentation, which we work on during last weekend, started with a bit of delay, at least we could go through presentation again and then relax by theoretical discussion if Pele was better player then Maradona. Finally we started by connecting second client representative - Vinod - via phone. First one - Diana was with us in the room so it was combination of face-to-face and remote meeting. As both clients have seen presentation before, we could focus on core topics like - what has to be done in order to realize fully virtual training, what internet speed is required and for which cost it would pay back in combination of school location number growth, etc. Two hours passed really quickly. At the end we could have informal conversation and say Good Bye!

Original approach by using conference phone didn't work

So we had to use speaker on cell phone

In front of Isha office, full of experience

Overall meeting went well, we made recommendation based on current situation, analysis and prognosis as stated in statement of work. Now it's up to client if they go for it or not, including engagement of collage etc.

On the way back we stopped in the restaurant for late lunch. We found this restaurant few days ago and we quite like it - they offer food we know which prepares us for our return :) at the end we ordered a cake - to celebrate today's meeting. There are few things to be finished, based on the client comments to add slides and fulfill all objectives from SOW.

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