neděle 23. října 2011

Time to say Good bye and return to our countries

It's over! Last day for passing our presents to people who supported our assignment like professor Alagarsamy whom I gave book Making the world work better then sit into the bus for transport to Coimbatore airport. After 4 hours we were in Mumbai where local CDS representative followed us to the hotel, have dinner and in my case helped me to reduce stomach problems (which were not touching me throughout assignment).

And then farewell...without a doubt it was full of emotions in all of us, somebody expressed it more, just in 1 month 24 by 7 spent within same group ensured that we came to know each other more than other people after several years.

For sure I know more about cultures represented by my colleagues and now I can say by my friends and I know more about my own culture specifics which was my goal for this assignment so from this point of view it was successful. 

After 24 hours when I left hotel, over 6 thousand kilometers of travel and more than 30 degrees Celsius delta :-)

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