pátek 14. října 2011

The Meeting week

This week we had various kind of meetings - we met IBM partners to see what solution they would propose for our client, then we met local collage to see if they can develop system for distance learning. It was excellent experience to sit in front of chairperson, advisory, principals and student reps of schooling having over 3,5k students. Collage itself was very nice, quite new, lot of laboratories - even IBM lab :-)

From left - teacher, Amanda, principal Dr. Sundararaman, Ben, professor Alagarsamy, Gaston

 Yesterday and today we were meeting our partners to brief them about result of our investigations. Vision about ideal solution is still changing - guys in my team work hard to tune design with financials but it would be too easy catch for first time what is expected. Final presentation will be next Tuesday.

Today we also visited Isha Vidhya school - for the last time. We gave them our presents and took some last pictures of the school and kids. On the way back it was quite silent, thinking about passed 3 weeks but there are few days to go!

Our plans for weekend are still not clear or let's say - are changing each an hour. We planned to go to the beach or stay in Coimbatore and have some rest and shopping or maybe we will visit some wellness center.
Finally we got some pictures from our yoga sessions:

You can guess who is our yoga teacher

This week many days were closed by the rain, and not the simple rain:) heavy storms with many flashes and thunders - one could get scary:) thus we had to order pizza after yoga but even storm is stronger than pizza delivery :-) so we went sleep around midnight.

Last but not least - this week for press conference in Coimbatore about our team being here. We could see our faces in local newspapers, like this one  (picture only in paper version).

Food - Many people asked me what do I eat here - well in the beginning it took me little time to know how to each by using right hand only (w/o fork and knife) and mainly what can I eat:) there are many meals spicy, there are also many of them which are ok - like ghee rava dosa with tomato soup as the starter - this is what I like the most now:).

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